Tales from the Garden.

Namaste community,

 It all started with a pallet, and a very simple vision. That vision has since evolved into a up-cycled garden space that is now home to lettuce, Moroccan and spearmint, thyme, oregano, curry plant, saint john's wart, basil, cilantro, wormwood, and catnip.
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 It takes a community to raise a child and Peter Quezada has been one of the most influential uncle's that one could ever ask for. Not only did he teach me how to paint a mural but he has done so with so many others. In this video he focuses his attention on the importance of having access to local food within an urban landscape.

 Interconnected with my "Literature of Farming" project, this video demonstrates the joy that can be had when one can effectively read a landscape. When one can appropriately read a landscape not only can he/she find various fruits and herbs but also that individual can also map out where they are located; one of my favorite mapping systems are the ones published by Fallen Fruit.

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