Vegan Poets

I don't know if I have ever shared this little known fact, but I am a Lover of poetry. From John Agard, to Edgar Allen Poe; from Andrea Gibson to Gwendolyn Brook; I Love Poetry. Yes I certainly have a Love for metaphors, alliteration, and so when I discover that a poet is also an animal activist, or that an animal activist is also a poet, I am often filled with a sense of joy-- unless the poet is absolutely terrible (I jest, sort of).

In my most recent adventures within the world of spoken word I discovered the poet activist Benjamin Zephaniah, a British poet of epic proportions. I had discovered this poet while I was reading about various Black British authors and their plight (discrimination, loss of identity, marginalization) within Britain. From my limited research, I have observed that Zephaniah's poetry, although cultural, also deals with social and political themes.Within the realm of poetry, each poet tackles these topics differently; in essence utilizing his or her own background to communicate a particular pespective.

Another notable poet, this one from the states, is Saul Williams-- a vegetarian. The first video that I saw of this poet blew me the funk out of the water! Seriously. Not only was he quick with his verse but he was also articulate and theatrical. After watching his Def Jam Poetry performance, I quickly sought out his other performances to see if he was just as animate off of HBO. He was but that wasn't the kicker. The surprise has came while I was watching a video of a discussion he led in Tacoma, Washington. Whatever his current dietary makeup is, I am glad that he did this video , in which is powerfully states "What you read is your diet...what you listen to; what you allow to be talked about is your diet." In short, both of these artists demonstrate the artistic capabilities that can achieved when one mindful of one's diet.

Oceans of Love to incarcerated vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists.

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